A selection of fine testimonials from fine clients

“Grace is an incredible designer, and her designs are of the best on the web. Her layouts are simple, elegant and extremely functional. She’s also incredibly professional with meeting deadlines and revisions. She’s very open to listening to feedback, and her overall demeanour is excellent. Grace is a treat to work with, and I’ve already recommended her to a few of my friends. They also have nothing but great things to say about Grace.”

Glen Stansberry

“Grace is a talented designer, who is one of the few that catch the current Web Design zeitgeist and find a good balance between typography and graphics. She was able to slam-dunk when she presented the concept design. Project management and communication were excellent. I will continue working with her and therefore I do NOT recommend her to anyone else (otherwise she does not have time to work on my projects)!”

Michael Riedyk

“I come from a health care background and Grace was able to answer all of my questions and put all of my concerns to ease before the project began. She was able to take my ideas and turn it into the perfect design and platform for my company for the present and to build on in the future. I can in very good conscience recommend Grace for all your Website needs and Grace, I truly appreciate all of your efforts.”

Inderneet Mann

“Grace delivered great designs and graphics for a small project. I was really impressed with the quality of her CSS and HTML markup, and willingness to understand my requirements exactly.”

Andrew Lucas

“At Crafty Devil, we’ve outsourced several projects to Grace and each one has been very well received by ourselves and our clients. We’re looking forward to working with Grace more in the future!”

Phil Norton

“Grace was professional to work with. She delivered on time, on budget and kept communication channels open throughout the project timeline. We hope to work with her again on further projects.”

Eoghan McCabe

“Grace has been unbelievable to work with – super reliable and always delivers extremely great work. After her last redesign, I noticed a 50% increase in the amount of time that people stayed on my site and nearly a 100% increase in the number of pages each visitor viewed. I would recommend her in a second.”

Jay White