Grace Smith grew up in County Antrim, Northern Ireland (where she always felt a little geeky), and graduated from the University of Ulster with an Honours Degree in Multimedia Design (where her geekiness was embraced).

She spent two years working within the newspaper industry as a designer (where she developed an unhealthy obsession with typography and the letters CMYK) before realising her passion for web design could no longer be contained. Armed with a Start A Business Diploma, a sense of adventure and a healthy dose of self determination she knew it was time to go solo.

In 2006, she founded her own studio Postscript5 (unless you have a free afternoon don’t ask her to explain the name), where she committed to a life of reaching for pixel perfection. In her office (sponsored by IKEA) overlooking the beautiful Irish countryside, she works with clients from all over the world (getting paid to do what she loves and in turn making the web a more beautiful place).

Grace has been described by her peers as “that heavy-linkin, web-lovin, hard-workin gal from Ireland” (thanks Jonathan) and refuses to work on anything other than an Apple Mac.

(She doesn’t like to brag about it but) she’s been featured in numerous online and print publications and is a contributing author to Mashable, one of the largest Tech & Social Media News Websites in the world. She has been interviewed by Channel 4 Talent (hello nerves) and named one of the Top 50 Female Designers in the world.

She loves working on the web and would like nothing more than for you get in touch and discuss your project (well that’s not strictly true because her one true love is a cup of well brewed Punjana tea).

The Elevator Pitch

Postscript5 is a small, boutique web design studio based in Northern Ireland, led by Grace Smith, who serves as principal designer. Grace has 5+ years experience in the design industry, and has worked with corporations and entrepreneurs, as well as small local startups and businesses. Postscript5 has a trusted network of industry professionals and actively collaborates with other designers and developers to ensure the best results for all projects.

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