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Responsive Design Workflow Tips

Responsive design is rapidly becoming the new standard in our industry, along with its evolving carousel of best practices, platforms and tools. The movement has caused a shift in thinking, especially as we adapt our workflows for a more efficient project process.

Dissecting the responsive design workflow, though, can be difficult — it’s highly individual and iterative. However, you can apply general tips and techniques to almost every responsive project.

From content structure to scalable images, we’ll cover seven techniques to consider in your next responsive design.

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Tools for the Lean Web Developer

Tools For Developers

There is no correct set of tools every developer should be using. The right tool is the one best suited to you.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 exceptional free or open source apps for developers to help keep costs minimal, improve productivity and simplify workflow. You will find some old favorites listed; however, you might discover some new tools for your arsenal.

1. Evernote

Working on the web means being organized and productive. Evernote’s tagline, “Remember Everything,” means it should become your most relied upon tool. With its cross-platform support (desktop, web and mobile), you can capture, upload and sync from anywhere to keep your “online brain” efficiently catalogued.

Just a few examples of uses include task lists, scheduling, bookmarks, brainstorming, inspiration, writing and much more. As a developer, you could even use Evernote to archive snippets of code for future reference, using the web clipper. With the intuitive tag system, it’s simple to search and find any stored data.

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On Writing for Mashable

Creativity is in my blood, it drives me, whether it’s designing or taking pictures, I have to be creative. A few years ago I was asked by (the awesome) Matt Silverman, to contribute to a selection of design focused articles for Mashable, I was thrilled. This snowballed into being asked to contribute my own articles, I did, I loved it, and this continued for around a year.

However with several large client projects in the works for Postscript5, I no longer had the time to dedicate to writing, and so my contributions dwindled.


However, at the start of the year, I decided to free up some time to write again. I’m fortunate that I can pick and choose what projects I work on as a Freelancer, so I scheduled my design work to enable me to dedicate a chunk of time each week to research and write.

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