I believe in having a clear direction and approach when we work together. The six-milestone process set out below acts as a road-map for your project, making it faster and more efficient. The result is a great final product and a happy client. Some variation to the below may be experienced, the process listed is to give you an idea of what to expect.

Discover - Postscript5


Develop a clear and thorough understanding of your company, project, objectives and audience until there is a complete outline.

Plan - Postscript5


Initial sketches are turned into a working set of Wireframes which show how content will flow and act as blueprint for the design.

Design - Postscript5


The Wireframes are given the design treatment and polished to create an aesthetic that reflects your requirements and objectives.

Develop - Postscript5


Designs are implemented and developed into functional prototypes which are presented and polished until the build is complete.

Deliver - Postscript5


Together we review the final product, then test and tweak until the project is finalised, launched and delivered. Time for a High Five!

Grow - Postscript5


The project’s growth is monitored and evaluated throughout it’s lifecycle to consistently improve the design, functionality and results.