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Photography Portfolio Launched


When I worked in a Newspaper I had the pleasure of working alongside one of the best landscape photographers I’ve ever seen. He’s pretty shy and doesn’t exhibit his work, so I won’t reveal his name. He had been working with images, film and cameras for over 40 years and had forgotten more than most people know about photography! During my time working there, his passion rubbed off on me and I quickly became interested in photography.

With his advice I bought a pre-loved Canon 350D and started snapping. We’d go out shooting around the coast and I would bug him about writing all his tips down for me to memorise!

This was just the beginning of my journey…

After a few years I had outgrown my little 350D and bought a Canon 600D in January this year. I’ve since been progressing through a Project 52, taking (at least) one image a week for a year. The aim is to challenge myself and improve my knowledge and skills, and I’ve loved every minute of it. In case your wondering I’m still in touch with my ‘Photography Guru’ as I call him, though his health doesn’t allow him to go out and shoot as often as he’d like. We still meet regularly to catchup and it usually ends up with him smiling at my latest lens purchase!

Photography has gone from a simple pastime to a real passion and having a passion outside of design is important to me, I don’t want to become all engrossed in one artform and photography has further enhanced my grasp of colour, balance and composition…as well as much more. I still have much to learn (studio lighting) but I’m thoroughly enjoying every second I pick up my camera.


A photographer has to have a portfolio….right? I’m still an amateur so I don’t need an all inclusive site, a simple, elegant portfolio showcasing my work is sufficient. After just a few days I had the theme setup and I’m now pleased to announce that is now live!

The name came after much brainstorming between myself and my friend Michael (@tw2113), I didn’t want the usual boring domain name. You can also visit if you’re so inclined!



As it’s updated each week, WordPress was of course the first choice for a CMS, there is also room to incorporate a blog in the future. The logo was an idea I had for a while, to take one of my favorite typefaces, rework it and use it as a brand. The curves can also form the letters G and S (my initials).

My good friend and long time collaborator Michael Beckwith was brought on board to give it some striking finishing touches, such as the animated logo and the super useful archive structure.


I’m a designer at heart, I love the web, I love what I do each and every day, however I adore the freedom that comes with Photography and being purely selfish in how and what I capture. I’d love to connect with other photographers, so please feel free to leave a comment below or add me on Flickr.

Happy shooting….

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