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Photography Portfolio Launched


When I worked in a Newspaper I had the pleasure of working alongside one of the best landscape photographers I’ve ever seen. He’s pretty shy and doesn’t exhibit his work, so I won’t reveal his name. He had been working with images, film and cameras for over 40 years and had forgotten more than most people know about photography! During my time working there, his passion rubbed off on me and I quickly became interested in photography.

With his advice I bought a pre-loved Canon 350D and started snapping. We’d go out shooting around the coast and I would bug him about writing all his tips down for me to memorise!

This was just the beginning of my journey…

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Responsive Design Workflow Tips

Responsive design is rapidly becoming the new standard in our industry, along with its evolving carousel of best practices, platforms and tools. The movement has caused a shift in thinking, especially as we adapt our workflows for a more efficient project process.

Dissecting the responsive design workflow, though, can be difficult — it’s highly individual and iterative. However, you can apply general tips and techniques to almost every responsive project.

From content structure to scalable images, we’ll cover seven techniques to consider in your next responsive design.

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