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On Writing for Mashable

Creativity is in my blood, it drives me, whether it’s designing or taking pictures, I have to be creative. A few years ago I was asked by (the awesome) Matt Silverman, to contribute to a selection of design focused articles for Mashable, I was thrilled. This snowballed into being asked to contribute my own articles, I did, I loved it, and this continued for around a year.

However with several large client projects in the works for Postscript5, I no longer had the time to dedicate to writing, and so my contributions dwindled.


However, at the start of the year, I decided to free up some time to write again. I’m fortunate that I can pick and choose what projects I work on as a Freelancer, so I scheduled my design work to enable me to dedicate a chunk of time each week to research and write.

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