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The ‘Hidden Lemons’


This guest post is by Michael Beckwith, who helped develop & launch the newly redesigned Postscript5 in August 2011.

When I was asked and tapped to help implement the final touches and functionality details for Postscript5, I knew that I’d have a good time working with Grace. However, before I touched a single line of code, I didn’t realize that I would also end up helping her have such a good time as well.

When a site hides Lemons, you can’t make Lemon-ade

Not only did I bring about the idea for the Socialise page that proved to be highly popular, but I also brought about the idea of some hidden easter eggs. Most are only small touches and barely visible outside of those who utilize the view-source capabilities of browsers.

However there is at least one that stares at people without them realizing it, and one that is only available part time. The running joke involves one Liz Lemon, fictional character from the hit NBC sitcom 30 Rock. I’m pretty sure each one relates to her in some way.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. With Grace’s permission, I am going to point out each one that I put in. So without further adieu, I present the list of easter eggs.

  • On the front page there are the three gray images. Located in the code one on the right, right in the middle, is a screenshot of the function that I wrote that randomly echos a quote by Liz Lemon. This function is used in the footer right under the copyright line on the left. I feel people should get a free point on this one because you can’t technically read that spot
  • Related to that random quote function, is the fact that one of the quotes actually links to a YouTube video that opens in a lightbox. The specific quote is this one: “I’m a star, I’m on top, somebody bring me some ham.”. If you ever looked at the source code and saw the fancybox code but could not find the ID it targeted, the random echoing is why.
  • The most obvious and needing least explanation is the 404 page, with a huge illustration of Liz Lemon, circa Season 2, if I recall what little I’ve seen of the show. Included is an html comment to the original artist from DeviantArt.
  • On the Socialise page, the class used on the twitter div, is “fake_lemon_quotes”.
  • Also located on the Socialise page, in the Dribbble section, there’s some brief “smack talk” similar to what you get in sports, claiming that the Lemon would be dunking on you: <!–The Lemon would be dunking on you–>

Looking back on things, I’ll admit that there aren’t as many “hidden” lemon references as I thought, but I also hadn’t really thought of the topic much in the past four months either. There are also only so many brief html comments you can make before that version gets old. All in all though, I had fun with the better ones like the hidden video link. Maybe in the future, Grace and I could spend some time hiding new ones…nah, they’re fine as they are.

Thanks to Michael for a lovely follow-up post on how we made the site come alive with some fun hidden items. We continue to work together on other projects and long may this continue!

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