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Sketching For Designers

Sketching for Designers

Derwent Pencils recently asked me to contribute an article on how I use sketching to develop ideas for my design work.

Sketching isn’t optional for me as a designer, it’s essential. I can’t go straight to digital at the start of a project, I always start off with some browser templates or Moleskine (and a few Derwent pencils!)

Sketching kick-starts my creativity and allows me to get ideas out on paper and is the fastest way to brainstorm and convey as many ideas as possible with the least amount of effort.


Staring at a blank Photoshop canvas is not a great way to start a project. Although it may sound exciting to just jump straight in, it can also be quite overwhelming. Sketching gets you over this hurdle and allows you to quickly explore concepts and ideas. I see it as the frame upon which I craft my projects.

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The Evolution Of Postscript5


After over three years with the same design, I’ve relaunched my portfolio here at As many Freelance Designers will tell you, your personal site tends to take a backseat to client projects. Between client work, writing, blogging, side projects and personal time, it’s been a challenge.

I’ve redesigned and even coded several others designs, however I’ve never been completely satisfied with the end result. I decided to set myself a deadline of one month to launch the new design and treat it like a client project to ensure this was met.

This a small overview of how the project came together.

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8 Services That Power My Business


Running a Freelance Business for the past 5 years has taught me the importance of being efficient and productive and if a service or application aids me in achieving that, then I’m interested. Over the years I’ve tested numerous services and web applications to refine how I work, both in my business and with my clients.

I’m now sharing with you a selection of the online services that I’ve come to rely on:

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