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Customise your Google Plus URL

Google Plus

Since launching a few weeks ago, Google Plus has grown to over 18 Million users and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing social networks in history.

In terms of branding however, it lacks the provision of a vanity URL, and the fact the current profile URL is pretty long, for example this is my profile link: While you can shorten the URL by using external services such as, there is a better way to personalise and brand your Google Plus Profile URL.

Use Your Own Domain

It only takes a few minutes to setup and will not only make the URL shorter (and prettier), it helps reinforces your branding and adds a personal touch to an otherwise meaningless set of numbers.

It’s a simple three step approach:

1. Create a subdomain –> (I used
2. Set up a 301 redirect from to your Google+ URL (the link is in the address bar on your profile)
3. Make a cup of tea and wait for it to propagate

With Google recently purchasing the domain, it may not be too long before they roll out vanity URL’s. Until then however, you have a short, memorable, personally branded Google Plus URL you can can proudly linkup and showoff.

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